Action 4 Years for the Fish

Empty oceans? Merely monocellular organisms and jellyfish in the near future? Do we really want this?
We take much too much out of the sea. Most fish species are presently threatened with extinction because we exploit nature ruthlessly. The global marine ecosystem is about to collapse.

We say enough is enough! We don´t want this to be the future of the oceans and marine wildlife!
We stand up for an alternative future. The seas are habitats of beautiful marine creatures and shall regain their abundance and diversity. We want our children to still have fish. Not only as foodstuff.

A big problem – and its simple solution:
Let´s all take one armlength of responsibility: Stop and think before you reach out for fish when you go shopping. In only 4 years time we can achieve a lot together. 4 years of stopping our fish consumption are sufficient to give the seas and their creatures a chance to survive. It only takes 4 years to ensure that there will be fish on our planet in times to come. Cut down on your fish eating! Help put an end to the massive extinction of species in our oceans. Together we can do it.

Facts and Figures

July 6th
was the date by which EU citizens ran out of seafood harvested from their own waters for this year and started to eat fish from other regions of the world (Fish Dependence Day)

Count me in!

Weil ich ein Zeichen setzen möchte!
Alexandra Schmidt